Surfing in The 2020 Olympic Games

Surfing fans, including myself, are happy to discover that surfing app will be a part of 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo Japan. The contest site will be held at Shidashita beach which is located about 40 miles outside of Tokyo in Chiba, Japan. Many fans have wondered if the contest was going to be held at Kelly Slater’s wave pool located in California, however the contest was decided to be held in the ocean. By having the event located in the ocean off the coast of Japan, surfers will be challenged with real live surf forecast and weather conditions. This will test the competiting surfers abilities to perform in non perfect conditions such as Slater’s wave pool presents.

The contest structure and schedule will be similar to the way contest are run on the World Surfing League yearly tour. Competitors will compete in heats, where 4 surfers will compete in the first heat, and the remaining two will compete for the title. Each heat will consist of a 20-25 minute clock where the surfers top two scores will be used as their total score.

It is exciting to see surfing as part of the Olympic games! Most fans who enjoy watching surfing will follow the World Surf League championship tour throughout the year. Some fans will even travel to each location on the tour to watch their favorite surfers compete. However, bringing surfing to the Olympics is on another level of competition. Surfing is a challenging sport that will test ones body to its’ fullest potential. As we all know, the Olympic games are all about watching the best athletes compete to be the most decorated and skilled in their sport. With surfing being in the Olympic Games, surfing fans can now look forward to watching an event that is going to be seen world wide by a general sports fan base.

The WSL championship tour is the only “BIG” competiton that the sport of surfing has to offer. There are other smaller and local brand competitions in surfing, but none of these compare to the crowd and excitement the championship tour brings. However, the surfers travel to the same locations every year to compete on the tour. Introducing surfing to the Olympics will create just as much, if not more excitement than when Kelly Slater’s wave pool was added to the championship tour! The surfing fans will be excited to watch their favorite surfers compete in a different type of competition that consist of larger caliber of surfers.

Surfing in the Olympics not only increases excitement for the fans of the surfing industry, but also introduces a new sport to the fans of the Olympics. Olympic Game viewers will now be exposed to another extreme sport that is outside of the traditional summer olympic sports such as track, swimming, and gymnastics. This in return will expand the fan base of the surfing industry. I know that personally I am a surfing fan who enjoys to watch surfing and follow the championship tour every year. However, I also enjoy watching many other sports. I get excited for the summer olympics every 4 years because I get to watch the best athletes compete. When I am viewing the olympic games, I enjoy watching sports I have never really payed attention to. These sports include everything from water polo to diving. After watching some of these teams and athletes compete in the Olympic Games, I gain an interest in the sport itself. By result I start to follow that sport, the most famous athletes, and the most famous teams as they compete on a lesser scale of competition outside of the Olympic games.

I belive that having surfing in the olypmics will have a great turn out as far as viewership. I can see people who enjoy watching the olympics for the sports, will enjoy being able to watch surfing, and hopefully in return become fans of the surfing industry!

Availing Suitable Function Room Hire Services Making Your Event a Special One

The function rooms Brunswick offers two stunning and unique spaces located in the heart of Fitzroy on Brunswick Street. Many people wait for an occasion to come just to enjoy the party by taking out some time from their regular life. There are a number of function rooms to hire for a function.

The Only Relaxation Place Is A Function Party

We are the entire same kind of person when it comes to a function. Everybody wants to enjoy each day of their life like the function day where there is no tension or a headache for making a place in society. You just need an invitation to the particular party and have to take out some time to visit it. The rest of the work will be done by your heart and mind itself when it will become free from all tensions of society. You will automatically see that the body will is responding to move and grove in the ambience of the party surroundings due to lack of immense pressure from your head.

People get fed up and frustrated from the boring and hectic schedule of their life. Everybody wants to spend some leisure time by organizing a function or rather attending it. It is the only place where you can get relief from the harassment and disturbance from the outer world.

The only worst thing of a party is that, it has a short period of time to enjoy and within a few hours the total enjoyment comes to an end. But the best thing of the same party is that it leaves some precious memory and a huge list of enjoyment that can be noted in the mind.

Things to Do In Organising A Function

Thinking of organizing a party is easy but actually making it work is a lot more stressful work to do. There are many steps that should be kept in mind before organizing a party. And if the maximum steps are missed then the party thrown can turn out to be a funeral party which can lead to the nightmare.

The first of all things is to plan for a date and venue where the function will be held. If you think that your house will be short and will be crowded for the function you can get a function room to hire which will be the best in this type of condition.

It helps in many ways like your house will not be crowded and dirty; you don’t have to do anything like designing the house or to bring the items that will be needed in the party. Everything you can get under one roof. You just have to tell the manager or the people in charge of the function room and the rest of the work will be done by themselves. You can actually take out some time to meet with your friends and colleagues invited to the party.

Where to Get A Function Room To Hire

In today’s world where some are appointed for a job while some own a private business. Nobody sits idle without working for a little bit. There are a number of businesses to choose from. One amongst them is the function room hire.

In this case the person who owns a land by himself builds up a banquet in the place and hires up to the seekers. It has become a trendy and wonderful business nowadays. There are a good number of function room hire options to choose from. After choosing the best you can actually get in touch with those owners of the banquet and request for the banquet to hire.

After you contact the owner or the manager or the person in charge, deliver them with the perfect details of the function like the date and number of guests that are invited to the party. The rest of the work will be done by them starting from decorating the banquet to serving food to the guests. Everything will be done under one roof in which you don’t have to do a single job.

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A Look at Surfing Fitness

Women On Waves Surf Contest (W.O.W.) it’s an amateur longboard surfing event that showcases the talent and athleticism of local women in the Santa Cruz County community. Surfing is tough. There are no two ways about it. Even if you’ve managed to master the skill-sets needed to get upright and on the right side of the wave, the fitness needed to paddle out over and over, not to mention pop up again and again, really is something else.

Outlined here are the most important elements of fitness that need to be worked on in order to make a good surfer and advice on the best ways to improve them. The main areas we will be focusing on are:
Cardio Vascular Fitness (CV)
Muscular Endurance

Cardio Vascular Fitness
CV fitness is probably the most important element that needs to be worked on to stand any chance of surfing well. This type of fitness basically refers to the body’s ability (largely the heart and lungs) to supply sufficient oxygen around the body and remove any waste products produced. As exercise intensity or duration increase, the body needs more oxygen to keep going and if the CV system is not in shape you’ll become fatigued and won’t be able to perform. Often you can be out in the surf for 30min or more and you’ll be moving constantly, mostly at medium to high intensity levels. This will cause a large demand for oxygen by the muscles and your body needs to be able to meet that demand

In order to improve the CV system you’ll need to perform exercise that stresses the heart and lungs beyond what they are used to. By doing this, the body will be forced to adapt and will improve itself in a number of ways. These include: increasing heart size and strength, increase lung capacity, increasing red blood cell count (these carry oxygen), increasing blood vessel size and number and improving muscle efficiency.

The best type of exercise to improve the CV system is anything that causes heavy breathing, perspiration and elevated heart rate. Running, cycling and swimming are very simple ways to do this but make sure you push yourself further each time in order to keep forcing the body to adapt.

Muscular Endurance
It’s all very well getting oxygen to the muscles, but if they are not in good condition then they will use it wastefully and will tire quickly. It’s mainly the upper body that needs most work on muscular endurance but the lower body still needs to be in shape. If you have poor muscular endurance you’ll first notice it in the shoulders as the muscles in this area are pushed more than any other during surfing. Other key muscles are the pectoral, triceps and back muscles – all of which should be working well. All top surfers do a lot of work on their muscular endurance and it’s not uncommon to find them in the gym putting in the hours, or just paddling on their surfboards for miles and miles to keep the upper body in shape.

The best way to improve muscular endurance is to work the muscles at relatively low intensity but for longer periods of time. Stick to gym exercises that work lots of different muscles rather that isolation exercises. Body weight exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups are great for this, and if you try to add a couple more reps on each time, you’ll soon have excellent muscular endurance. Another great way to build this type of fitness, as mention earlier, is to get on your surfboard and just paddle. After all, if you’re trying to get fit for surfing, there is no better way than to be on your board in the water.

There has been a lot of talk about core strength in terms of its importance in many sports, and surfing is no different. In fact, surfing is one sport that relies a whole lot on the performer having core muscles that are in great condition and that can work for long periods of time. This is largely down to fact that much of a surfer’s ability comes down to balance and how well he or she can manoeuvre their surfboard around the waves. Just simply standing upright on the floor engages our core muscles, so just imagine how much use they get when you’re trying to stand on a moving, unstable surfboard and trying to change that surfboard’s direction by shifting the body around and altering your centre of gravity. The answer is…a lot work!

The best exercises to improve core-strength are those that involve balance and movement of the torso. Balance boards such as the Indo Board are great tools for building core strength and muscle co-ordination. Second hand surfboards can also be adapted to train the core muscles by attaching a spherical piece of wood to the underside. Position the wood to run along the length of the board in the centre and when you stand on the board when it is on a hard floor it will be unstable, forcing you to balance. Sit-ups and push-ups on a core-stability ball are great variations of simple exercises and will really work on joint stability and the enhancement of your core.

Once you have the three elements of fitness you need – CV fitness, muscular endurance and core-strength, you’re ready to get the most out of your time in the water and your surfing with improve immensely.

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