The Benefits of Catering Buffets

1. Catering for Every Palate

Corporate Catering is not just having a gathering with your employees or having a delicious food but also giving more importance to your employee. Having a buffet service at your function allows you to tempt your guests with a variety of different meal options. While it’s entirely possible to cater for a large crowd with full table service, it’s difficult to select only 2 or 3 meals that will cater to the tastes of every guest. A buffet table allows your guests to pick and choose amongst a number of options to create their own mouth-watering meal. Because of this, buffet catering usually leads to higher consumption and less waste. Guests will always go back for seconds if they have the option!

A professional catering service will be able to advise you on the best way to create a synchronicity of flavours. While you want to cater to every individual taste, you don’t want your buffet to be a patchwork of mismatched meals. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this harmony is to choose a particular theme to work with. If you’re holding a formal event, you could theme your buffet as a French spread: you could even top off your evening with some rich, elegant desserts. If you’re catering for a relaxed, social crowd, you might prefer to opt for a Greek, Italian, or Mexican menu theme. Talk to your caterer to decide on the best buffet theme for your function.

2. Encourage Your Guests to Mingle

Buffet catering, unlike a sit-down meal, encourages your guests to be hopping from table to table and mingling amongst themselves. You don’t have to worry about organising a seating plan when your guests are happy to roam between groups of family and friends. Encouraging your guests to mingle gives your function a relaxed, social atmosphere, so that you and your guests will have a more enjoyable evening. Your guests might even make some new friends!

However, if you are catering for a formal event and you would prefer to have a seating plan, you can still arrange to have one. Your guests could line up for the buffet in their own tabled groups, one at a time. This method of service will take more thought and organisation.

3. Ease Up on the Organisation

Having a buffet at your function can take some of the weight of planning of your shoulders. With a buffet spread, you don’t have to worry so much about arranging a seating plan, or hiring catering staff to wait on tables. Hiring a professional catering service will help you even further: your caterer will help you design the ideal menu for your unique function, as well as take over all of the ordering, preparation, and service of your food.

Holding your function at a hired venue can help ease that organisational pressure. Most hired venues will offer you the service of an event planner to help you with floral arrangements, decorations, equipment hire, entertainment, photography, and invitation design. Between your caterer and your event planner, you won’t have much left to arrange!

4. Save, Save, Save.

If you’re catering on a tight budget, a buffet might just be the answer to your financial restrictions. Ordering food in bulk can reduce your catering costs, as well as ensuring that your guests won’t go home hungry. Discuss your budget restrictions with your caterer to figure out the best way to feed your guests without over-spending. Pasta-based dishes and bread baskets are simple ways of filling up your guests, and cheaper than serving caviar for 200 people.

5. Food Without End

A buffet spread is certain to feed all of your guests to satisfaction. With plenty of menu options and the chance to go back for seconds, your guests will have eaten plenty of food. If you’re catering for a number of dietary restrictions, you can still include dishes that will please other guests while catering for dietary requirements. Your caterer will be able to advise you on what kinds of dishes your guests require.

Provide your caterer with a guest list to give them an idea of how much food they will need to provide for your event. An experienced caterer will be able to estimate the amount of food your guests will eat without going overboard. Ask them about their more popular dishes: these are the dishes that you should order the most of.

There are a number of benefits to buffet service for a large event. You can stay within the restrictions of your budget even while your guests eat as much as they please. You can also be sure that your guests will enjoy a relaxed, social evening with friends and family.

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Engaging Team Building Games

Corporate team building games are a fun way to encourage teamwork and understanding between members of a team. However, it can be hard to figure out the right activity to organize for your team. Here are some activities that are sure to motivate your employees.

Jumping Jack

This is an outdoor game that requires complete participation and coordination. Jumping Jack is a race where the members of each team must stand on a cloth and coordinate their jumps so the captain can drag the cloth from the start to the finish line.

Scavenger Hunt

A classic game, the scavenger hunt requires team members to coordinate and delegate tasks amongst themselves so they can find the given list of items in the shortest period of time. It encourages team work, leadership and quick thinking.

Board Games

Board games are a fun way to inspire team bonding without having to leave the office. Be it bingo, jenga or jigsaw puzzles, board games create an air of friendly competition and encourage members from all levels of the organisation to engage and compete with each other.

Big Picture

This popular corporate team building activity requires teams to split up into smaller groups and complete a given painting. However, they soon realise that each of their canvases is part of a much bigger image and they must work together to finish the image. This helps remind teams that are part of a much bigger picture.

Storyboard Challenge

Each team will be given a canvas and art supplies, the aim of the challenge is to work together and convey a story through images. The team will have to finalise on a story and depict it through panels. This encourages effective communication, creativity and teamwork.

Chef Challenge

Being a chef is never easy! Employees are split into groups and given a category of dish to prepare. It is up to them to get creative and prepare a delicious new dish. This helps encourage leadership, teamwork and creative thinking.

Domino Challenge

Symbolic of the way an organization works, the domino challenge helps remind employees how every block plays a vital role in achieving a greater goal. Team members will have to coordinate with each other to prepare a creative and effective domino chain.

Amazing Race

Inspired by the reality TV show, the amazing race requires employees to split into smaller groups and complete a series of tasks and puzzles in order to complete the race. This process helps teams understand each other’s skills and utilize that to achieve a shared goal.

Escape room

A true test of the wits, the escape room requires a team to figure out their strengths and talents and use that to achieve their common goal. The team will have to solve a series of tasks and puzzles in order to win their escape from the room.

Blind Drawing

Best played with teams of two members, the Blind Drawing challenge requires team members to effectively communicate without the use of visual aids. One member is blindfolded and has to draw an object solely based on the descriptions provided by the other member.

There are plenty of games that your team can engage in. Consider the requirements and interest of the employees before organising the corporate team building games. A successful team building activity can go a long way in boosting team morale and fostering a positive company culture.

Why is Pilates a Great Option as Part of Rehabilitation Therapy?

Mat Pilates: workout routines

Pilates instructor course certificate will be granted upon successful completion of relevant courses, fulfill additional hours required and passing the final exam of both written and a practical test. Mat Pilates is very popular workout routines in the US and all over the world. The popularity of Pilates is due to several advantages of it such as

  • Agility
  • Enhanced strength
  • Flexibility

Physicians suggest it for a treatment of rehabilitation after any injury. You can take classes from rehabilitation center Bahrain. If you are suffering from any back ache, then you should try out Pilates. It can help severe spinal conditions.

Pilates is very similar to yoga and very different from chiropractic or physiotherapy. It has involved a range of exercises which you do in a class and then alone at home, which may help you both manners. It improves core power that can support your body, improve flexibility in your body, encouraging self-strength and posture. During the First World War, Joseph H. was designed the Pilates to treat injured and bedridden soldiers. However, Pilates was developed for rehabilitation basis. Now it is more famous for Hollywood celebrities, dancers and gymnast because it helps to get your body long and lean shape.

Positive move Experiences

Moreover, with mat Pilates classes, the clients become more responsible for their rehabilitation. The reason behind is that they are coming to a therapist and start taking classes from them. A patient will learn about their body’s space. They will be able to determine the best movement sequence. So, these entire factors contribute to a good movement experience, which can facilitate a recovery.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Pilates is very helpful in rehabilitation therapy because of its help on stiffness, rigid joint, control movements, and relief in pain.

Routine is very important part of mat Pilates. If you do regular that improve the way for your muscles work together. If your age over 50 and if you have a following of these:

  • Back problems
  • Digestive
  • Posture
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Headaches
  • an injury
  • overweight problem

Mat Pilates will help you to treat. There are some benefits of using Pilates as part of rehabilitation therapy. It is too much helpful for patients who suffer from back and neck pain. Recent studies have proven that who is suffering chronic back pain; Pilates treat it and help to improve flexibility and circulation. It is very affected on bones and joint. It reduces pain and stiffness and builds the muscles and strength. After doing Pilates, you will feel more energetic and confident. Pilates stretching exercises improve the flexibility of the joint and you will not feel pain. It will also maintain your weight loss. If you do Pilates regular basis, it will keep your blood pressure. Pilates reduce the stress and anxiety level, which help you sleeplessness.