Skiing in Austria


Snow Parks in Austria

Snow Parks are large areas covered with snow for ample spots for winter sports. Austria has many snow parks, which are near resorts and are maintained in superb condition by the community around. The following is a guide to some of the best snow parks in Austria.

Night Park Hinterglemm

Situated at the Hinterglemm resort, this is the right park for night action lovers. Just as the name suggests, the doors welcome visitors until late in the night. The area is perfectly lit for the evening sports lovers. The park has undergone massive renovations to expand the area and give it more room for huge equipment. It provides maximum nightlife adventure for the lovers of skiing and any winter sports.


Located in Flachauwinki is a park equipped with everything, it has a large variety of rails, boxes and jumps. It also has a strategically located pipe at the centre of the park, which skiers can park in a singular line. It is the longest in Austria and is categorized into different classes. It has available chair lifts to take skiers to higher grounds. The visitors can rest a fantabulous relaxing area. The relaxing spot is also a great alternative area to skate during unfavorable weather.

Nova Park

Located at the Silvretta Montafon Resort, it is one of top snow parks in Austria. In particular, it is considered the finest in Vorarlberg area. It recently has been renovated to different fresh layout. This Snow Park is great since it provides different areas for learners so that they can be trained at ease. In the renovations, there is inclusion of six obstacles to making skiing more adventurous.

Better Park

Found in the Hinter tux Resort, it is one of the best snow parks in Austria for experts in skiing and skating. It has convenient T-Bar lift beside the park for a trouble free entrance. The park is located on the peak of the glacier. There are equipments of different sizes, including kickers, rails and boxes. It is a Snow Park for both summer and winter visits.

Van Pen Ken Park

Found at the Mayrhofen resort, is among the biggest Eldorado freestyles snow parks in Austria. The Snow Park accommodates both the snow boarders and the liberated skiers. It has a variety of chair lifts, and it provides maximum fun.


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