Skiing in Austria


Zell Am See:  The Resort Where The Whole Family Can Ski

The headquarters of the capital Salzburg are in Zell am See. This resort is located 100 km in the east side of Innsbruck and about 30 km north from Mt Grossglockner.
There is a valley called Zell valley that has a lake that joins Saalach River with salzach in the south side. The resort is situated on the shore of Lake Zell. The Ski region consists of 130 km of downhill skiing. 80 km of these are skiing runs. The resort is able to hold its natural snow to an area of 68 km of ski runs. To make it easily for skiers to access the higher grounds of skating, there are 28 ski lifts that uplift a capacity of 40000 skiers per hour. It takes about two hours drive from the airport to the resort.

The large ski area of about 80 km is located on a mountain called Schmittenhihe that is situated behind a town. People wishing to visit the Zell Am See ski resort have different options for the mode of transport to use. Some may opt to take a walk from the town. A walk takes about 30 minutes. The second option is by the use of cable cars. This is very adventurous because one enjoys a panoramic view of the whole area from an aerial perspective.

The best thing with the Zell Am See ski resort is that the whole family can enjoy to the fullest in skiing because they have categories depending on the expertise for every individual. For the beginners, they have a good base and a school where they train them. The school has qualified personnel who ensure that even the young children enjoy a safe introduction to skiing.

The intermediate skiers have a skiing area of about 50 km and a trail of 6.5 km running downhill. The advanced and freestyle skiers have the most area. There are very long and steep downhill ‘high’ trails of 40 kilometers for them to enjoy. They are located at a good strategic position where the rest of the holiday makers can watch them ski and learn some crucial skiing tricks.

Other activities offered at Zell Am See ski resort
Zell Am See ski resort has a lot of other activities to ensure that your holiday package is all round and complete. They offer cultural nights, theaters, sports, concerts and exhibitions. Other activities include ice skating and sailing, hockey, llama hikes, snow hiking and swimming in the indoors and outdoors. There is also the presence of pubs and bars for more pleasure. For food, there are great restaurants that offer local as well as international cuisines and fast foods.


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