Skiing in Austria


The St. Wolfgang Ski Resort Offers More than Just Conventional Skiing

St. Wolfgang ski resort is located in Salzkammerrgut of central Austria region. It was named after the Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg who built the first church on the shores of Wolfgangsee.

It is believed that he asked Satan to assist him build the church! The resort is of medium size of about 40 kilometers across the trails and a length of 10 km. It has a total of 18 pistes. It has 9 lifts that uplift a total of 8000 skiers every hour. It can spread its natural snow for an area of one-kilometer runs. It offers the skiers an area of 710 M decreasing slopes.

Other services offered at St. Wolfgang ski resort

To reach the St. Wolfgang ski resort one can use ski bus provided by the establishment. From the nearest airports: Munich airport and Salzburg airport, it takes less that one hour drive to the piste when the roads are clear. It is also connected to the train station of Bad Ischl. From the station, it only takes less than 30 minutes by walk to reach piste. The resort has 17 km blue ski runs, which are used by beginners or when the whole family wishes to admire the natural beauty of the environment together.

They are also referred to as the nursery slopes. This is also where the skiing school ground is. Where the first timers are taught on how to ski by the qualified ski teachers employed. The presence of the red and black trails makes it possible for the intermediate and advanced skiers to enjoy their skiing practices.

St. Wolfgang ski resort has several restaurants that offer accommodation services to the guests. They offer drinks and all types of traditional foods of Italian style. There are great bars and nightlife that keep the guests busy when they are not skiing. They also hold other sports like ice skating, ice sailing, hockey, traditional bowling, snowshoe walks, sleigh rides and trips for mountain climbing. For the religious, there is the church and the holy shrines for people to worship and pray.

If you are looking for a good way to have some family fun, then this is it for you. You will get all that you need and better yet, you will find that this resort is as real and ideal, just as you see in the brochures. You will agree that taking a skiing vacation to St. Wolfgang ski resort is a great investment for you and your family.


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