Skiing in Austria


Looking For An Overwhelming Skiing Holiday? – Head To St. Anton Am Arlberg

St. Anton am Arlberg ski resort is located at a village situated at the western of Austria in Tyrol state. It has a large area of about 260 km.

The resort lies near a River called Rosanna. It has 82 cable cars for the guests. These cars welcome the guest by letting them view the beauty of the whole place from a perfect aerial view. The presence of more than 120 lifts helps in uplifting about 123600 skiers per hour. Their large numbers make it possible for great group skiing all the time. Both the lifts and the car cables are made by professionals who ensure that maximum safety and comfort is experienced by the customers.

Getting to St. Anton am Arlberg ski resort

St. Anton is Arlberg ski resort is few minute drives from the nearest airport and train station. In order to be able to cater for a whole family skiing holiday they have set up a school. This school offers skiing training to first timer skiers, and it takes care of the young ones too. The presence of nursery slopes also helps the customers to enjoy far away skiing because they are assured of their kids’ safety. For this to be possible they have employed qualified persons who know the right steps to aid a beginner.

St. Anton am Arlberg ski resort has all levels of skiers. They have about 93 km of blue ski runs for beginners. All family can ski here together because the slopes are fit for skiers at all levels. This is where the guests opt to have a whole family time together. The intermediate skiers have an area of 110 km of red trails. There are medium steep slopes. They are not that sharp and when the skiers graduate from beginners, they are first aided by an instructor but eventually are able to ski on their own.

The third level is the advanced skiers. Their area is for about 57 km of black ski runs. This consists of steep downhill slopes. The last level is for the freestyle skiers, those who have no qualms about skiing the free way. This area has very deep slopes with thick snow. This combination of St. Anton is Arlberg makes the resort a perfect getaway for the whole family.

There are other activities for people who are not into skiing that much or who just want to have a break from skiing. There are marvelous sightseeing places full of adventures when one goes for mountain climbing and hikes.


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