Skiing in Austria


Visit Söll for an Unforgettable Ski Holiday and Incredible Skiing

Location: Söll ski resort is located in Kufstein district in the Söllandal region of Austria. It has a total area of about 45 km and can hold up a capacity of 3500 people at a holiday.

It is situated at the foot of the Hohe Salve Mountain and has 200 km ski runs. This area has a breath taking skiing area of black and red ski runs. It claims the largest part of ski welt area of about 279 km of downhill trails. Lifts are provided to uplift the skiers and their skiing equipment to their destinations, to the upper parts of the slopes.

How to reach the Söll ski resort

The Söll ski resort is connected by the railways to the town and from the train station to the piste. It is only a short walk away. The guests can use ski bus or the cables cars for transportation. From the nearest airport is takes one hour drive if the weather conditions are smooth. This resort is attractive and has the perfect atmosphere for families’ getaways. They have many restaurants that ensure that the guests have enough food and drinks. They also offer the resting and the cleaning quarters. The hotels have big room and comfortable beds for all family members. For relaxation, there are nightclubs, cinemas, bars and casinos.

Söll ski resort has two skiing schools; the Söll-hoscSöll school and the Knolin school that offers skiing training to the beginners and to children. This resort has qualified trainers who make sure that the training is fun for the learners since it is very interactive. There is a daycare centre that is equipped with nursery slopes and play area for the younger ones. This makes the resort to be a suitable place for every member of the family. The presence of a church is the cake on the icing because most people who go to ski, there are religious.  

The Söll ski resort has selected slopes for skiers of all skiing levels. The intermediates have their area, which has medium-steep slope. For the advanced and freestyle skiers, there are ample areas and stretches for them, with great and sharp slopes running downhill for their daredevil tricks. These steep slopes are situated in an area that can be viewed by others. This helps the guests to watch and enjoy. It makes for a great learning experience because the low level skiers can watch and learn one or two skiing tricks from the more advanced skiers.

The Söll ski resort is the ideal packaging for the whole family. One gets more than enough value for their money, and the services are simply exemplary.


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