Skiing in Austria


Sölden Ski Resort for The Most Fulfilling Skiing Experience

Sölden ski resort is located at the municipality of Austria in the Otztal valley of Tyrol. It is very famous because it is the only ski resort in Austria that is surrounded by three mountains that rise to levels above 3000 feet. There is a lot of natural snow in large areas, and it holds up for a long time. It is the perfect skiing ground for skiers of all levels.

What makes the Sölden ski resort the best for family holidays?

When the natural snows stops failing in Sölden ski resort, they have machinery that produces artificial snow making it possible for the guests to enjoy skiing even on summer seasons. It has many lifts that are able to uplift a capacity of 68,000 skiers per hour. It has a skiing area of 3350 km. 150 km of this area consist of 69 km of blue ski runs. This is used by the beginners or when the whole family wants to ski together. 51 km of red ski runs, which are a bit sharp, sloped for the intermediate skiers.  

These red ski runs are linked to other challenging slopes that will help them in improving their skiing expertise. About 28 km of black downhill trails are also available at this resort. As they are referred ‘black’, this is because of their natural state. These pistes are steep, the area is used by the advanced skiers who like skiing in more challenging, and steeper slopes. There is 2 km of pistes. These are not for the faint hearted. They are for the professional skiers, people who cut their teeth on skiing. The steep slopes make perfect ground to maneuver expert tricks. These trails are located in a perfect site for the guests to watch.

The Sölden ski resort has enough hotels to feed and offer accommodation for the guests. In these hotels, they offer all traditional cuisine that the guests may request. They always work towards their guests’ satisfaction. There is a skiing school set to train the youngsters or any other person wishes to learn skiing. When not skiing, there are other activities that one can engage in. They include sports like ice hockey, ice sailing, bobsleigh, curling and book sleigh rides. Nightclubs, bars and cinemas also offer complete pleasure.

Looking for a good skiing region need not be hard. You will find that the Sölden ski resort is just about the same as what you see in the pictures, very ideal. You will see why Austria is the “hottest” skiing country in Europe.


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