Skiing in Austria


Seefeld Ski Resort:  The Perfect Place For Varieties Of Experiences

Where is Seefeld ski resort located? This resort is the municipality of Innsbruck land district in the Tyrol state of Austria. It is located in the northwest of Innsbruck.

It has an area of 250 km. It has 26 lifts that can uplift a large number of skiers at a go. There are long pistes of a length of about 30 km downhill. There are more than 18 slopes that make it possible for large numbers of skiers to ski together. The highest height of these slopes is measured at 6890 feet and the lowest at 3937 feet.

It is a beautiful attraction because of the waylaid plateau. The grounds are usually covered with a blanket of snow portraying a magnificent scene. It gained its popularity after it held the champion ski races. This resort has contributed a lot in downhill skiing development thanks to a resident known as Toni Seelos and up to date they are still improving it.

Seefeld ski resort is best for the intermediate skiers, although it has some nursery slopes for the beginners and some steep slopes for the advanced skiers. For the guests to reach the piste you can use the ski car cable, or one can take a walk to the piste while still enjoying the natural serene atmosphere. From Innsbruck airport it only takes a 30-minute straight drive with good road conditions.

Accommodation at Seefeld ski resort

Seefeld ski resort has many hotels to cater for the guests’ accommodation.  There are varieties of hotels, those that one can take for the whole family, others for morning meals. When one feels the need to move out and change the usual meals offered, they can eat at the restaurants outside the resort because it is located near a town, and the railway connect it.

Seefeld ski resort is considered to have one of the best skiing schools. There are slopes that make it possible to train a large number of skiers at once. The vastness of the slopes enables the learners to support and help each other in learning how to ski. In addition, they are able to watch other skiers, and this enables them to learn some skiing techniques while still enjoying the watch.

Other activities at Seefeld ski resort

Other activities held at Seefeld ski resort include ice skating, ice sailing, mountain hiking, bike riding and traditional blowing. When their people are not skiing they enjoy themselves competing in ice races. There are also clubs and bars for nightlife.


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