Skiing in Austria


Treat Your Family to Pure Winter Skiing Fun at Schladming Ski Resort

Schladming ski resort is situated at Dachstein-Taquern-ski region. It is located at a small mining town of Styria in Austria. It is referred to as the hearts of the mountains because it’s unique location.

The resort covers a large area of about 300 km countryside. This consists of 232 km of breathtaking slopes that have magnificent scenery when having a white blanket of white snow. It has 89 cables cars that carry the guests up hill to the beautiful and comfortable lodges. It has 22 lifts that can uplift a large number of skiers to the highest parts of the slopes.

The best thing about Schladming ski resort is that it is able to augment its natural snow in a large area and makes it hold for long without melting. They are also moving ahead with the technology because they have equipped the resort with modern artificial snow production machinery. This produces the snow and promises the guests for skiing for longer period results to pleasure and satisfaction to all guests at any time of visit.

Schladming ski resort has a school that offers training to the youngsters or the beginners. They have the best ski schools that have been running for many years, and the qualification of the trainers is excellent. This makes it to have a great reputation in the whole world. It also has other steep areas to cater for the intermediate and the advanced skiers.

Luxurious accommodations and other activities present

At Schladming ski resort there are many hotels that ensure the comfort ability of the guests. These hotels can cook anything they are ordered by the guest but their specialist is the traditional Italian cuisine. They provide packed lunches for the family outings, or for those who wish to take their lunch in a serene environment.

This resort has alternative activities for people who do not like skiing, or for the times when guests do not feel like skiing. The activities include indoor and out door swimming, horse-draw sleds, snowmobiling, ice skating and sailing, mountain climbing and games rooms. For entertainment purposes, they have clubs, theatre and discos. There are many things to do indoors and outdoors too.

There are so many things to do at Schladming resort for all people, including children. The pure untainted air is worth it on its own, giving more than enough value for money.  For newbie skiers, the skiing school teaches more than the basics and a few visits to the resort will turn you to a skiing pro.


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