Skiing in Austria


Looking for a Wonderful Ski Family Holiday? Join The Rest at Rauris Ski Resort

Rauris ski resort is located in a town market called Rauris municipality in the Pinzgau region of Salzburg state Austria. This town is the largest town in the state of Salzburg with close to 3200 populations.

The Rauris ski resort is located at this town and it is of a medium size not small and cannot be classified as one of the biggest skiing areas. It has 8 ski lifts that are used to uplift the skiers. It has 13 pistes with length of about 30 km. Cross country, level is believed to be 30 km of pure downhill trails.

Rauris ski resort has a valley called Rauris valley. In this valley, there are many archeological findings that were discovered, and they showed that the Romans had settled there. This is further strengthened by the presence of many beautiful historical sites that are found here. They act as an attraction site for the guests. Another attraction site is the church that is believed to have been constructed by a man referred to as Chrysant of Einod to honor St. Michael. This church was later improvised in 1339 and over time, it is still being modernized slowly.

Rauris ski resort is best suited for beginners and intermediate skiers, although there are some steep areas for advanced skiers. There is a ski school set aside to offer ski training services to the first timers and young kids. The school has qualified trainers who ensure that they will teach the beginner skiers, and in such a way that the trainees can enjoy themselves tremendously.

There are several hotels that cater to the accommodation needs of the people. Bars and casinos offer additional services and drinks after skiing activities or when people are not in the mood of night skiing are also present. Other activities that holiday makers can engage in include mountain hiking, biking, ice skating and sailing, the cultural nights, theaters, night tobogganing, sleigh rides indoor tennis and squash and traditional bowling.

For many holiday makers, the first thought of their mind when they are going out to have fun is to have enough value for the money that they pay. Many resorts in Austria offer a thrilling skiing experience, and the Rauris ski resort is one of the best for all levels of skiing. Just as you see in the travel brochures, you will get that as the real deal when you get there.


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