Skiing in Austria


Are You Set to Enjoy The Ultimate Skiing Holiday at Obertauern Ski Resort?

Obertauern ski resort is located in the Radstadter Tauern of Austria Bundesland of Salzburg province.

It is not a true village, but it is located in the middle of two villages that is: Tweng and Ubertauern. It is one of the largest skiing centers with a proud area of 1174 acres. The skiing activities were improvised in 20th century. It has 63 individual pistes that have average length of 95 km. The resort is popular with intermediate skiers. There are some slopes for beginners and some steep ones for advanced skiers.

The brief history of the Obertauern ski resort is that it was used by Romans during ancient times, and they made roads that connected this place to the rest of the world. They built some churches and some buildings that up to date act as an attraction to the visiting guests. During the First World War, skiers came to this place carrying their baggage with sleighs.

Obertauern ski resort has one of the best altitudes of a skiing resort and together with the artificial snow making machineries; they ensure that snow is there all time. They have 25 lifts that uplift a capacity of 40,000 people per hour. It is able to spread its natural snow to an area of about 100 km. The terrain of Obertauern ski resort has divided it self to every level of skiers. The beginners are train at the school ground, which has nursery slopes of about 56 km. The intermediate and advanced skiers have an area of 35 km of ski runs while the free skiers and boarders have black slopes of four kilometers long and steep trails.

The accommodation is offered by the existing hotels. They are mostly decorated in bright colors, and they are often given cartoon names. These make it exciting to stay in especially if a certain cartoon program was your favorite. If you are looking for a cheery place to stay, this would be good for the children too. Other leisure activities available like ice skating and sailing, traditional bowling, mountain hiking and biking. In addition, other sports like ice golf, theaters, cinemas and casinos.

There are many things for holiday makers to look forward to in the resort, and therefore, you will not have a bring moment even if you bring your children along. Because there is beginners, intermediate and advanced skiing grounds in the resort, this resort is just so ideal for the whole family. From the food, the skiing and the sporting experience are exhilarating beyond measure.


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