Skiing in Austria


Spectacular Scenery and Fantastic Skiing at Mayrhofen Ski Resort

Mayrhofen ski resort is among the largest skiing resorts in Austria. It is located in Mayrhofen town in the Ziller river valley in the state of Tyrol.

It has an area of about 650 km. There are 91 individual pistes and 146 km of ski runs. It is well known mostly due to its vast terrain that has beautiful and untainted atmosphere. It is located at the centre of two mountains. This makes it easy to spread its snow naturally to an area of about 87 km. It is equipped with 30 ski lifts that aid in uplifting about 60450 skiers per hour to the upper sides of the slopes. It takes only one hour drive from Tyrolean capital city of Innsbruck. Other nearest airports are within two hour drive when the road conditions are good.

The main skiing area of Mayrhofen ski resort is called Penken. It takes only 15 minute drive using ski bus. Another one, the Horbergbahn at Ahorn, is located down the valley. It can be accessed by the use of cable cars. These also give the skiers the opportunity to view the beautiful terrain from an aerial perspective while still enjoying the beautiful breeze. These areas are covered by thick snow, and they are equipped with artificial snow making machines to cater for snow during the off seasons.

Different areas of skiing present

The Ahorn ski area is mostly used by beginners because it has nursery slopes, which are easy to ski. It is also where the school is located that specializes in training the first timers and the young kids. They ensure that they make the training a lot of fun for them to enjoy when they are still learning.

The Mayrhofen ski resort has divided areas for every level of skiers. The intermediate skiers have their medium-steep skiing runs. The resort has Harakiri piste (named after the samurai suicide culture) which has very sharp downhill runs for the advanced skiers. At the Penken, there are 6 km ski runs referred to as devil’s runs. This is used by the free skiers and boarders skiers. The area has the steepest slopes that look so dangerous and thus the name.

Although it is used for whole family holidays, the Mayrhofen ski resort is most popular with the youths because of the high level of entertainment experienced. The best accommodation is assured because there are more than 30 hotels located inside the resort to cater for all the guests’ needs. There are supermarkets, bars, casinos and cinemas.

The Mayrhofen ski resort is also used for other activities like hiking, paragliding, skiing and mountain biking. There are so many fun activities in the resort such that one will never spend a boring moment there.


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