Skiing in Austria


The Maria Alm Skiing Resort- Skiing At Its Very Best

The resort is located at the tranquil and stunning beautiful Maria Alm village that is found at the foot of the Hochkonig Mountain, a 3,000-meter mountain in the spectacular regions of Salzaburgerland. The village is not only the home of the breathtaking skiing region; it is also home to the 13th Century Pilgrims Church. This resort provides exclusive state of the art skiing facilities for skiing enthusiasts of all classes irrespective of their ages, both during summer and winter.

There are many reasons why you and your family will visit this skiing resort more than once:

Modern and efficient skiing facilities

The recent years has seen the introduction of a high- speed gondola that interlinks the resort to other skiing regions such as Dienten and Muhlbach that provides exclusive 150 km of pistes that allows skiers access to 37 lifts. Putting skiers aside for a while, the Maria Alm resort has excellent facilities for golfers too, for the golf lover. They offer five championship golf courses with radiuses of up to twenty miles, good for any golfer.

Accommodation at the Maria Alm Resort

The region boasts of an exclusive set of mountain restaurants of all nature: from big, to small for a few families. If you are the kind of skier with a taste for ‘traditional’ yet modernized hotels, then this is the ultimate skiing region to try. Their accommodation facilities offer terrific meals. They are associated with world-class staff services that are efficient and very friendly.

Skiing instructors - skiing for every ski enthusiast

The resort has a number of experienced instructors who facilitate the skiing experience for all classes of skiers from beginners, intermediaries to advanced levels. The instructors will take beginners through gentle blue runs starting from the Abergbahn central station to allow them to enjoy the skiing thrill. Intermediates are allowed an exclusive choice, from skiing tours, massive long- runs and cruising- reds everywhere in the Ski Circuit.

The instructors will provide guidelines to advanced skiers on how to ski the lined runs, summit at 2000m whose design provides an exhilarating experience for this class of skiers.

Accessibility of the resort

The transfer time to the resort is approximately an hour, from the Salzburg Airport. The journey to the resort is simply picturesque, not only can you drive to the resort, you can also choose to ski or even sky-board to and from the resort.

If you are looking forward to ski or golf in this hilarious resort, then you are lucky because any time is ski time.


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