Skiing in Austria


The Kitzbuhel Skiing Resort - Excellent for all Skiing Enthusiasts

The Kitzbuhel skiing resort is a fashionable skiing region situated in a ‘snowy corner’ of the Alpine region. It a state of the art skiing resort that presents an exclusive region for skiing lovers that include over 148 km of modernized pistes. It is particularly famous for its world known ‘Men’s Downhill Race’ on the Hahnenkamm. This is a one-stop resort that presents dream-like experience for any class of skiers, from beginners to those with skiing prowess. What you should keep in mind is that this resort in the medieval town dating back to the 13 century has a membership in the ‘Best of the Alps’ prestigious group of resorts that offer skiing holidays in Austria.

Steeped in current history, the resort is a charming, delightful and lively point for skiers all year round especially because of its favorable altitude that ensures that it has snow always. The resort has modern facilities that make skiing a breeze for all ages and classes of skiers. From lifts and multiple connections, the facilities offered in the resort will get you to the resort holiday after another holiday of excellent and safe skiing.

More changes made for more skiing thrill at the Kitzbuhel Resort

The resort has seen more changes in the recent past to make skiing on the slopes of the high mountain more attractive, appealing and safe. This has seen the replacement of the Ehrenbachhohe T -Bar with a modern chairlift that features child-safety enhancement devices for young skiing enthusiasts and beginners. The renovation of the resort has also seen the building of a huge snowmaking system covering a vast region in the resort’s Resterhohe skiing region. Skiing cannot get better with these and much more changes that are ensuring that the resort has in an offer something for everybody.

Excellent accommodation at the Kitzbuhel Resort

For skiers and non-skiers as well, accommodation at this resort is one thing to wow any holidaymakers, no matter how choosy one might be. If you are in for group skiing where you do not want one of your buddies, friends or mates to miss the thrill, then you would not have to worry about accommodation. There is a wide variety of reasonably priced hotels for all family needs. If you are an enthusiast for the nightlife, then the proximity of some of these accommodation facilities is something to go by. Whichever selection you make, the resort has excellent services that will suit any skier.

Skiing beyond the Kitzbuhel resort

The ski region in the resort covers the better part of 145 km of pistes that is convenient for all classes of skiers. The resort makes it easy for skiers to buy passes in other skiing resorts that could increase their skiing region up to 600km. With Kitzbuhel, you can ski in neighboring resorts such as the Ski Welt and Alpbach.


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