Skiing in Austria


Skiing the Whole Day and Partying Hard All Night Long at Ischgl

Ischgl resort is in a valley called Paznaun in Austria. It is a small village, and it has a population of about 1500 people. It is connected to another ski resort called Samnaun that is very close to the border of Switzerland.

Ischgl is situated in Austria parts, which have the biggest skiing areas. It has three ropeways that make the ski areas access at all times. This resort gained international popularity when Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States of America gave a message from there and made it a media historical moment. It has modern lifts for the skiers.

All sides of Ischgl ski resort

Ischlgl ski resort is mostly known for its vigorous parties and beautiful nightlife. It is famous in hosting celebrities during concerts held at the end of year ski seasons. The popular icons perform in these parties. This acts as an added advantage to the visitors who are around then. It is also well remembered as the only resort that has ever hosted a Spanish night entertainment brand in the whole of Austria.

The party life does not disqualify it from hosting the whole family. Ischgl has a family-suitable atmosphere. The friendly slopes enable all the members of the family to ski. They are offering train lessons to the first two level groups that are the beginners and the intermediaries. The other two levels available are advanced skiers. These are the experts in the skiing, and they do not need instructions because they are experienced enough. The other is the boarding & freestyle skiers they are commonly referred to as the ‘dare devil’. No slope is too hard for them to ski. The best thing is that these slopes are situated in such a way that you can watch them skiing, and one may be able to learn a quality skill or two.


More than ten restaurants in Ischgl ski resort cater for all the foods and drinks that the guest takes throughout the vacation period. They have enough and luxurious hotel that accommodates them with a touch of traditional Austrian style. All these are situated at the centre of the whole place making it possible for the visitors to have an excellent view of the place while taking their meals and in the morning when taking their breakfast. Other attractions available are the historical sites, the museums, the natural waterfalls and the supermarkets making it a home away from home.


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