Skiing in Austria


Igls Resort For Winter Excitement and Olympic Style Skiing

Igls ski resort is located in the Tyrol region of Austria. It is situated 5 km south of Innsbruck. This resort is a favorite destination place for many visitors since 19th century when it gained popularity after it hosted Olympics games in 1964 and 1976. These made it gain international recognition.

Igls ski resort is a small resort that mostly attracts the cool skiing crowd and the older people, although it is still a good place to take the whole family for holiday festivals. It has an area of around 900 m square. It has the best skiing area for beginners to train in. The resort is surrounded by strong pine wooded area that has beautiful separated walking paths. It is located in an interior area full of forest trees, which give it the natural beauty and pure serene atmosphere. These walking paths open it up to other surrounding village. It has gentle slopes for the more experienced skiers.

Beauty behold the Igls ski resort

To reach Igls ski resort, one can use the cable car or trek. The journey gives the visitors great scenery to view the whole place at aerial view if you use the car. It provides the best situation for sightseeing. The presence of some hotels caters for the foods and drinks to be taken by the visitor. The breakfast is best taken when outside and looking at the beautiful sites that nature has provided. There are few entertainment clubs, including dance halls and discos. The resort has hotels with qualified staffs that ensure that the guests feel comfortable, and that they get everything they need during their stage. Hot water is provided.

Igls ski resort provides other services like a skiing school where juniors who do not know how to ski are taught by very experienced guides. This is done by a qualified instructor who makes sure that there will be no accident. Then there is the cultural centre that hosts cultural events. There is also the pilgrimage church that was built in the year 1662. It is an unforgettable piece of history where visitors come to see and learn about the past when they are not skating. The best thing with this resort is that it is located at a place that with good public and private transport connections.


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