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Come and Experience a Thrilling Skiing Tour in Going am Wilden Kaiser

Going am Wilden Kaiser Resort is located in the district of kitzbuhel in the region of Sollandal. It is situated between 8.5 km in the northwest of Kitzbuhel and 5 km west of Sankt Johann. It is said to occupy 52 sq km on the Austria part. Estimating the distance covered, it is clearly seen how big this resort in size. It is known to have the largest skiing area with great mountainsides for the expert skiers.

Going am wilden Kaiser is a very attractive village located in the inter-connected ski areas of
Austria. This resort also has a very beautiful level that enables the beginners to practice and perfect their skill in skiing. It has a quiet, friendly serene environment, perfect for ski-lovers and family holidays. It has enough capacity to hold a population of 1800 people. Being almost at the lakeside gives it the perfect atmosphere for getaways for the whole family.

Affordable accommodation in Going am wilder Kaiser Resort

Reflecting on the size of the resort, you will find that it has the biggest accommodating rooms. It has hotel rooms that cater for all manners of guests. They have luxurious rooms that can hold all family members and make a home away from home. They offer several services. There are banks, supermarket, baby care services, indoor pools and so many other amenities.

In Going am Wilden Kaiser, they offer very affordable foods. They offer self-service for foods and drinks for the visitors. They prepare other foods like Italian cuisine for guests who like trying out tastes of different kinds. In order for this resort to be able to cater for its vast population it has many other restaurants scattered all over. Just choose where to eat.                    
Let us look for several restaurant present

Cardial hotel: This is the favorite of many visitors. This is because it offers both local and international culinary delights. It specializes in traditional dishes of various countries. It has a bar and cinema areas that apply themes that beautify the place more. The restaurant also serves foods with the matching first class drinks. It is situated near the lakeside making it the ideal place to take your breakfast enjoying the sunrise in the tranquil atmosphere.

Hotel Blafflof: It has a large garden area and its rooms are very spacious. It can hold a population of 100 guests sitting.

There are so many things that make Going am Wilden Kaiser a strong attraction. The first attraction is the beautiful village fountain. This one throws the water upwards creating a beautiful spectacle. There is also the presence of natural trails, waterfalls and historic buildings and sites. There are churches and chapels in this resort.


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