Skiing in Austria


Your Guide to a Pleasurable Tour At the Finkenberg Resort

Situated in a small community at the valley of Zillertal is the Finkenberg resort, which ranges from 630 to 1170m above sea level. It is found in the Schwaz locality. It is a ski resort, which has wide snow area to support skiing activities. The area has cannons to supplement the snow inadequacy in the area.

The Finkenberg resort is suitable for the learners and the skilled skiers. It has schools that teach skating and skiing, which is favorable to learners and little children. The resort has many shops that offer snacks as one enjoys playing in the snow. There are walking tours, which provide the visitors with an opportunity to know the surrounding areas of the resort.

For the entertainment lovers, the Finkenberg resort has music venues and bars for uttermost fun. There are also fun games to take part in, and they include snow bombing in which everyone can take part. Taking a skiing vacation to this resort is just so fun and one cannot find enough time to enjoy all the diverse activities available.


There are different hotels to suit the various classes of people who visit the resorts. Lodging in this resort is very comfortable due to the amenities provided and this gives more than enough value for money. There are big rooms with enough space for all. The rooms come with cable TV, wireless the internet, hair drying facilities, music systems among others and other amenities, and therefore, you will feel at home away from home. The cleanliness of the room is top notch, and the bathrooms are spacious and very hygienic.

The resort provides areas for exercising so no one has an excuse of not visiting the gym while in Finkenberg. To relax there are available spa treatments, aroma steam and other relaxing and unwinding activities. This is the resort to spoil oneself by having your body pampered.


The food available is in a wide range Spanish food, Chinese Indian, international and local cuisines to suit ones diets. The breakfast provides a wide range of choice to choose from so that everyone benefits from the diets. Generally, the Finkenberg resort gives healthy food, which is good for the body and mind.


The area of Finkenberg resort is accessed via shuttles, personal services of vans, cars that are of different sizes. One can also use the Munich and Salzburg airports for faster access. The taxis and cabs are also available for use in the resort.


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