Skiing in Austria


You Will Love Your Stay at the Largest Snow Area Resort in Austria - Ellmau

Lying 820m above sea level along the Wielder Kalser Ranges is the famous tourist resort Ellmau. Situated in sandwiched between St. Johan and Worgl is the winter and summer resort that offers skiers and revelers a lavish stay. It is known for having the largest snow area in Austria, which hosts a wide range of sporting activities.


The Ellmau resort has a big range of hotels to suit different tastes and preferences. It is home to two of the renowned five star hotels in the Ski welt area. The resort is suitable for family units’ vacation and has the amenities to support that. The amenities include swimming pools, spas, massage parlors in the area and hotels, playing grounds for children and music systems in the rooms. The services are perfect and stay in the vicinity is comfortable.

There are many diverse hotels, including the 5 star, 4 star and 3 star. It has different types of chalets, which are suitable for different tastes and preferences. The prices of the hotels range in order to suit the different budgets. Generally, the rooms are comfortable and spacious for the enjoyment of all lodgers.


There are many snow-sporting activities to indulge at all time, for adults and children alike. This snow resort has more than 90 lifts and over 70 stops for food and drinks as one is enjoying the snow. The Ellmau resort has wide area occupied by natural snow but also have some area, which is supplied by artificial snow. This means that the snow is appropriate enough for one to enjoy throughout the stay without any congestion in a particular area. The events in the area include skating, snow boarding, skiing and other games.


The food is diverse; the different hotels have different menus so a prior check is better in order to get your suitable meals. The breakfast is very satisfying. In Ellmau resort, the breakfast is served with a variety of fruits, bread, tea or coffee. The meals are also healthy with inclusion of fish, beef, Chinese and Indian food, or as preferred by an individual. There are also services of pizza delivery to the lovers of pizza and available fast food joints even though not as many.

The available airports include the Innsbruck and Salzburg, which have affordable fares. One can also use the Worgl and St. Johan Railway Station to access the area. There are also buses that one can use to go to the airports or the train stations.

Visiting the Ellmau Resort gives one a chance of exploring the largest snow area in Austria. For any skiing and winter games fans, this is the resort to have your holiday.


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