Skiing in Austria


Bad Gastein Ski Resort

The culmination of many spas represents the Bad Gastein resort. Situated near Hohe Tavern National Park, 1000m above sea level and in the Salzburg state of Austria, this beautiful resort sits waiting for you to go and explore it inside out. The resort is famous for its hot water springs. Visitors are awed by this wonder of Mother Nature while the local residents regard them as medicinal.

Some of the activities

The Bad Gastein resort is home to many activities. Being in the snow-covered areas where snow lasts up to a year, the area hosts skiing, skating snow boarding games. The skiing is suitable for beginners since they are schools and guides to help one through the complex learning process. The resort is best for the lovers of winter games since the weather is very conducive enough and there are available fields.

While in the Bad Gastein resort, one can enjoy strolling from Preimskirche Elisabethquelle and Gletsechermuhle areas and the historic walk ending the tour at the museum of Gastein. The resort offers reading venues like the library, for the lovers of knowledge. For the entertainment fans, the resort caters for the likes by inclusion of casinos and other concerts like for the Christmas day so that one can feel the spirit of the festive season during the stay.


The food in this area is very diverse to cater for the different communities of people coming to lodge at the resort. The available menus include the American, European, Italian, International and the local foods. The delicacies that can be enjoyed include fish, beef, vegetarian meals and different kinds of wines as a dessert. The breakfast is comprised of a variety of different meals to suit your diet. The different hotels have different splendid menus so it is important to do a background check for the best foods.


The rooms available are big enough to suit the visitors. Available is the different hotel like the inn, guest house, private lodges, and different star hotels ready to suit your class and pockets. The amenities provided in the room include televisions, music systems, and swimming pools. Saunas and the best of customer care services.

Medicinal Resort

The healthy hot water springs available are used to treat different sicknesses. Visiting the spas will be very relaxing and will improve the body’s health.

Bad Gastein is the resort to be in the holidays, and maximum relaxation is assured.


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