Skiing in Austria


Enjoy Unrivalled Beauty At the AlpBach Resort

Situated at the Alpine community in the state of Tyrol is the magnificent Alpbach tourist resort. This strategic place is surrounded by the Wielders berg Horn Mountains for your winter and summer holidays. It is 975m above sea level, and the ski resort is worth visiting. It represents culture conservation due to the structures, and the activities that you can take part in there. The roofs are covered by floral vegetation, which enhances the exquisiteness all the more.


The Alpbach resort has as many as 2500 beds, which offer very comfortable sleeping means to the small town tourists. It draws a number of approximately 22,000 visitors in the summer and winter vacations. The rooms available are big enough and provide warmth in the cold climate. The resort has many forum rooms, and it continues its legacy of “village of thinkers”. One can enjoy the sightseeing while having meetings in the Alpbach village. There are guest parking, guesthouses, amenities like spas, swimming pools and many others to keep you enjoying your holiday.


Being in the beautiful Alpbach resort allows you to participate in many outdoors activities. Most of the skiing is done on the Wielders Berg Horn Mountains, which is suitable for learners and skilled skiers. It has available schools for skiing, which helps the learners and little kids. Other activities include skating, going through the walking tours in the winters. In summer, lying in the sun, swimming and playing games like tennis and others.


The food in Alpbach is quite diverse, they have menus from all over. Some include the Italian, American, Europe, International, Indian, Asian and mountain foods. One can never go wrong with the delicious all round meals. The breakfast is in the form of a range of fruits, cereals and juices to suit different tastes. The resort also has pizza delivery and fast food areas to suit the lovers of such.

Do not miss the chance of seeing the magnificent mountain view of the Alpbach resort. Enjoy the skiing, the snow, the diverse foods provided and the laid-back accommodation.

Alpbach is the place to visit if you want a quiet holiday with lots of fun.


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