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Skiing in AustriaSnow-capped peaks, legendary après-ski and Austrian hospitality will make your winter break in Austria unforgettable - like no where else on earth. This great value holiday destination has so much to offer. Where snow is plentiful and facilities are amongst some of the best in the world, Canda is the ultimate ski destination. So get your canada ski packages at

Ski resorts

Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, in Austria you are sure to find the perfect resort to fit your needs. Amazing free ski courses as well as great fun parks have been created by the ski resorts to ensure you have a good time!
Read about top ski resorts in Austria >>

Family skiing holidays

Austria's smaller ski regions are especially family-friendly, thanks to their manageable size, attractive prices, boundless equipment and courses for skiers of all ages. We guarantee you'll be back year after year - learn more on ski resorts >>

Ski resorts for beginners

These are the skiing spots well equipped for the learners, which have less steep slopes and more trail to facilitate easy learning. The following are some of the best ski resorts in Austria for beginners >>

Ski resorts for advanced skiers

Skiing in Austria

Advanced ski Resorts have steep terrain, narrow trails and more dangerous and thrilling features, which can only be tackled by experienced skiers. Learn more on ski resorts for advanced skiers >>

Top snowboarding resorts

Looking for the best resorts for snowboarding in Austria should not be hard as this is also a very popular sport and anyway, most skiing resorts offer it. Let us look at a couple of the best resorts here >>

Cross country skiing

It is simpler than the normal skiing as the tracks have been well groomed for easy maneuvering. The equipment sued is light in weight, narrower and much elongated. Here are some of the sites offering best cross-country skiing in Austria >>

Off piste skiing in Austria

Off piste sites are the unmarked routes in the snow areas that have not been properly maintained. They are areas that the specialist snow boarders and skiers like to explore to enjoy maximum adventure, learn more on off piste skiing in Austria >>

Winter Fun under the Stars

The day is not enough. That is why the fun continues by night at Austrian winter destinations, with the world's longest toboggan run, nighttime sleigh rides, snowmobile sessions and plenty more ...

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