Skiing in Austria


A guide to Excellent Ski Resorts for Beginners

These are the skiing spots well equipped for the learners, which have less steep slopes and more trails to facilitate easy learning. The following are some of the best resorts for beginners.

Seefeld skiing resort

Seefeld - It has many available nursery inclines on the snow area. The resort offers lifts for starters  It is among the best resorts for beginners in Austria. The ski instructors in this resort are very welcoming and boost the self-belief in participants.

Soll in Austria

Soll - found in the ski Welt area of Austria is the Soll resort. It is considered one of the best ski resorts for beginners due to its favorable landscape. To reduce the monotony of the beginner lessons is the vibrant nightlife that includes available inns, café and shops. The resort offers a 25 mile skiing experience and is family friendly. This resort is fantastic for children learners since it has abundant equipment to facilitate their learning.


Obergurgl - The site in this skiing resort is just attractive. Next to the resort are available nursery slopes, which enhance the skiing learning. It also provides different advanced gradients for the beginners. It is the best resort for beginners as it offers renting services of the equipment to the skiers.


Alpbach - The slopes are very well maintained in the locality, which is a plus for the beginners. The instructors around are excellent with kids. During breaks, one can enjoy basking in the sun as one observes other skiers.

This are among the best ski resorts for beginners, which provide quality training. Their names are reputable, and one can never go wrong in this area.


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