Skiing in Austria


A Guide to the Best Advanced Skiers Resorts In Austria

Advanced ski Resorts have steep terrain, narrow trails and more dangerous and thrilling features, which can only be tackled by experienced skiers.

Soll, Tyrol

Soll, Tyrol - This is one of the longest in size and whiles the slopes are not that big as to raise the adrenaline in the skier, it is still worth more than a mention. People who know this resort agree that it rivals most of the ski runs in France. Please note that despite the altitude being on the low for most of the skiing areas in this resort, this is still one of the most competitive ski resorts for advanced skiers in Austria.

Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein - This is one of the most competitive skiing areas in Austria. It is perhaps the most publicized in English language, and that explains why it is a favorite for English speaking people. The resort has hard black runs and abundant snow, which makes it a preferred skiing site. Here is where the skill of the skier is brought out to the core.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel, Austria - This is a favorable resort to assess one’s skiing capabilities. It has the adventurous Hahnenkamm Alpine annual contest that gives incredible achievement to the skiers. This is among the ski resorts for advanced skiers that have dangerous slopes that need caution with even the experienced of all. It offers equal inclination in some areas. However, for people who really love a good skiing challenge, to some degree, the slopes here look almost vertical.


Ischgl - Again, Ischgl makes it to the list of ski resorts for advanced skiers. There are great slopes for skiing on this resort that would give skiers a run for their money. There are many reasons why one would want to ski here, and since this is one of the most heavily publicized and marketed resorts in Austria, it is just so well to see that it can back up those claims. The available health centers in the resort offer reputable quality services.

St.Anton Resort

St Anton resort - Found in the Alberg area, this resort offers mind blowing Austrian skiing. It has a wide snow base area, which makes it perfect for the skiing contests. The Valluga Bridge is most ideal for severe skiing action, and it requires a guide to be present. However, if one does not want to rent a guide, the alternative is skiing on the Rendi backside. The resorts have tough mounting if one decides to ski low before crossing the Rendi Bahn.

Selecting the above ski resorts for advanced skiers offers you a mind-blowing adventure.

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